SECAR Collaboration

The SECAR Collaboration (SC) is an open, active collaboration of researchers who are passionate about measuring thermonuclear reactions that drive some stars to explode.

New Members are welcome!

Please contact Hendrik Schatz, SECAR Project Director, or Michael Smith, SECAR Deputy Project Director, if you are interested in Joining the SECAR Collaboration and contributing to the SECAR system and/or to the scientific program utilizing this system.

As the SECAR Project nears completion, we are transitioning the SECAR Collaboration from a focus on system installation and commissioning to a focus on proposing, running, and analyzing experiments. We have now established a SECAR Collaboration Agreement that codifies the activities and organizational structure of the collaboration.

Proposals and the Collaboration

Here are the steps to prepare a proposal using the SECAR system with members of the SECAR Collaboration:

• PI formulates experiment idea

• PI joins the SECAR Collaboration (SC) if not yet a member

• PI sends abstract of proposal to the SC Executive Council one month before the facility proposal deadline

• PI uses these resources to help prepare proposal

• PI sends draft of proposal to the SC Executive Council two weeks before the facility proposal deadline

• SC Executive Council distributes proposal to all members of Core Group and invites them and their research group members to join proposal

• SC Executive Council informs PI of final list of participants

• PI can circulate proposal to others outside the SC as desired

• PI incorporates comments from SC Executive Council and Core Group members if any

• PI finalizes proposal and submits by facility deadline

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